About What is "Wandering off away from the pack" ?

Lets go where no one goes, away from the usual crowds to find the magic and adventure that is hidden in the powdery mountains of the world !!”

The story starts on a rainy December evening in 2011. I was at home somewhat frustrated after a bad weather change. Missing powder. For some time I had been writing about my snowy adventures into a silly word document to keep sort of a diary to remember the good times on snow. I decided to try writing on an online blogging platform to see if I could set up a little personal blog in the wide web of informational eternity. I never intended to really start one. After about a week of experimenting I had sent a link of my first draft to a friend who liked what he saw and so, without asking, he posted the first adventure to Facebook. At that time we did not have much to read about powder adventures in Slovenia so it got a bit of attention.

Seeing that more then 200 people had actually read the story I got motivated. People were interested in all these magical places we went to that were not on the daily radar and I could share my adventures with the world and maybe even get to know a few new friends along the way. So the blog was born.

Now in September 2015, three years later, after more then 200 stories and 130.000 actual page views it was time to start a new chapter in the blogs history with a clean new layout that puts more emphasis on our adventures in the mountains with our friends and allows for more proper in depth gear reviews. Today you can check it on your phone, your computer or your high resolution tablet. Anytime, anywhere it will run nice and smooth. Pictures are no longer fragmented from the stories but are a direct integral part of them :). So flip trough this little treasure trow of fun and let us know how you like it.

I hope we can continue to share a lot of useful information and wonder for all you powder hunters out there and maybe even spend a powder day together somewhere sometime. Winter is coming and we are going to embrace it as best we can. Come and join us on our adventures !