D’Liftla Oim park opening A custom funpark on an Alm in the middle of Bavaria

My favourite shot of the day

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New-years was barely over so Gabi and myself traveled exhausted north to meet Tobi and the Bunterhund gang at their private fun park in there Bavarian Freestyle Farm lovingly named “D’Liftla Oim”. Mayhem ensued so I will let the video and the pictures speak for themselves !

The story of the “D’Liftla Oim” that you can follow on Facebook is quite a funny one. Imagine a bunch of crazy German freestylers looking for a place to live near there local jobs at a kite company and stumbling on a giant old school Bavarian farm on top of a mountain, that is empty and has a lot of space. Now wake up and realise that somewhere way north that is not just a dream.

In the end I stayed for three days. Sure we did not have water for three days but that did not stop us 😛 We did all sorts of cool stuff even some snow kiting in the backyard. Really the place the guys are building here is insane. A freestylers paradise. I will definitely be returning for more. And the local resort of Steinplatte is quite the powder spot from what I hear.

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