Dar Mar Movie session The spirit of Rogla freestyle week lives on...

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Haven’t written any articles in a while. Those of you who follow me on Insta know what’s been going on and where I have been running around to. If not go there and see the story posts of the adventures from the 2021/22 season 😛 This weekend the boys from Dar Mar “collective” organized a super grassroots last minute we don’t know where session at one of our close by resorts named Rogla that used to be famous for its epic funpark that is supposed to be demolished now :(. At the end of the resort season there was always a whole week of epic sessions and battles to send it off to the summer. So here the pics from our homage. Just good vibes, fun peepz, cevapcici and your regular park rat hangover. Did a bit of park riding too so still know who to grind rails and my not stylish mute3s on the kicker 😛 Drone shots to follow in the edit the boys will make. So without further ado here the my Photo gallery from the big Canon that has also not been used in a while 🙂




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