The REJL session Fun with the Dar-Mar boys and Sloski for a fridge session at Planica training facility

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Two weeks ago the boys from the Slovenian Freeski crew Dar Mar with Slofreeski and snowboard organized a fun pre-season rail session at the legendary Planica training site. 

Finally I found some time to do post on the media I shot at the first official REJL session at the Planica facility in Slovenia. Thnx to the bois for the invite. A fun day spent with a ton of peepz I have not seen in ages and I also got to shred some rails. And since we all do not have attention spans longer then 30 seconds find yourselves in the gallery bellow and watch the little drone edit from the crazy footy. I would have used a more epic song but hey copyright. Speaking of that if u want any of the images in print size drop me a DM on Insta or mail as usual. Camera lenses do not buy themselves… neither do drones #shamelessinfluencerselfplug.

Le pics :):

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