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We had to build a Beacon snowman 😛
Still recovering from injury, and finally being able to leave the bed, I decided to do something constructive. Three months have passed since the last time we did some training with our avalanche beacons. I thought it a good idea to do a little perimiter search exercise. For this we took our beacons, and buried them somewhere in the woods. After that one of us would start searching for the others Beacon. The goal was to train quick search patterns and get to close proximity search in less than 2 min. For the exercise we used one digital and one analog beacon. It worked well and we even build a snowman. It was especially interesting to see how confused it gets when you come into close proximity search. That will be an area that we are going to have to improve on, because sometimes what you’re looking for is behind your back.
Puri in close proximity search mode XD
I also noticed that the workshop was held at Pokljuka regarding Beacon performance. Below a short video of the event from dear friend and filmmaker Jure Niedorfer.

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