Karpathos Photo sessions – Devils bay and Chicken bay

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Going to Karpathos I had one single plan in regards to creativity. Film a little 5-10 minute short with the rider friends there. I packed light in regards to everything. Little baggage, forgot my surf boots, my Lycra (thnx Baja). But hell I packed all my equipment excluding the Glide track (yes it didn’t fit into the bag XD). After our arrival in anticipation I used the first morning on the island on the beach to sketch storyboards and I thought I was good to go. 

Well big mistake. Wind was great and constant. I wanted to ride more then I thought. Partying was awsome and island life was a lot cooler then originally anticipated, read there were not enough hours in the day to have it all done :P. So something had to be cut short and that would turn out to be filming. 

Drawn up with my Inkling a page of the Storyboards –
This could have become Winds of Karpathos (working title)
Still I wanted to do something creative while there, coz filming had been the original idea so it quickly turned to my second love Photography. Our friends who mostly work at the station worked till 6 pm when my riding finished so we quickly had the time and the place, of course Devil`s bay. Next to that I also shot while taking brakes in between the riding at Chicken bay. 
Almost a month has passed since then and this week next to a ton of wedding photography I finally had time to work myself trough the few thousand pictures of action sequences acquired. So all of you riders and everyone who likes action on water check them out. I sorted them by riders by slideshow (sequences so I don’t have to cut them together – no time – so that it`s easier to view then in previous posts. The top 5 pics you will also find in my photography section among the rest of my work, and if you need a photographer in a bit of shameless self promotion, drop me a mail πŸ˜›

PS: I noticed that the pictures are added to my Picasa account total that is 1 GB. Lieder from now on Ill have to use lower quality for pictures as I don’t have cash to pay monthly storage fees as the GB is almost used up. If you like to help you can donate or click on the adds. If I ever get an Google adds check I could cover monthly rental to keep image quality up. Of course I can always send u the better quality originals but that again is time consuming… regardless check the pics (even if this low quality once don’t do them justice !

Stefan und Christian Lasser (AUT)

The Lasser brothers  I first meet at Podersdorf. They ride hard and have gotten really good in the last year. There is also Stafans first spock in a sequence (Even if my buffer was full for the last few frames:P

Anja Jager (SI)

The one and only. Thnx to Anja I went there in the first place. In the summer she works at the station and in after hours surfs as much as she can. She is also one of the writers for the slovenian Surf Magazine.

Dominik SchΓΆnthal (DE)

The friendly German and PWA rider likes to spend summer at Karpathos and he even speaks a little Slovenian πŸ˜› PS I luv the pink sail ! U can spot it anywhere !

Jan Philip Klump (DE)

Jan I also meet at Podersdorf. He has the coolest Van ever and likes to run over turtles in the water XD

Joep van den Broeke (NL)

Joep is one of the nicest guys around. He will teach you how to carry ur equipment correctly and have fun all day. He likes flakas very much XD

Tim Karsten (DE)

I meet Tim on Karpathos kinda oddly. He came up to me and asked me if I was a freestyler at a party when I was a little tipsy. I supposedly look like some windsurf pro. The next day he quit his job at the other surf station and moved into his board bag. Surfing all day long. Thats the way to do it πŸ˜‰

Tan Guy aka the nicest Frenchman I know XD (FR)

Aka the dude who thought us PING PONG the best drinking game ever. Also works at the surf station and has been surfing for 20 years. The stuff he does on stormy days is mind boggling but for that you will have to check his facebook XD. Oh and like a proper Frenchman he knows how to work for the camera, easy shooting at nice distance for closups πŸ™‚ Merci mezami ! 

BlaΕΎ Vizjak aka BAJA(SI)
One of my best friends and a lot better surfer then me, Baja doesn’t just take nice pictures but can look good in them to πŸ™‚ Oh and he loves to ride scooters XD.

Others who I have only few pics of here and there (Find yourself XD)
That would be others I, Baja and Simone had photographed. That includes Tan Guys brother, our Argentinian friend Nati, station staff and a few more Germans XD. Who knows if you were there you might be on these to XD

And next up itΒ΄s gear time with boards boards boards…

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