Winter season starter and Alpine developement in Slovenia

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Vertical Advantures in action XD
Well the summer comes to a close after all the fun in Greece and Portugal and without a brake it´s time to return to our favorite element.. SNOW.
Last seasons most perfect bluebird day at Salbach
For that the blog is back to a winter layout and as every season I will have to start gearing up with new equipment. Lets hope my wallet can support that. For all of you fellow readers I will happily be reporting on the latest stuff I can get my hands on… So stay tuned.

First stop will be the Moreboards Stubai Opening taking place from the 19-21.10 on the Stubai Glacier in Austria.

As a side note some of you have probably already found the new translation widget on the right menu side of the blog! Since I don´t have the time to write the blog in multiple languages (as much fun as that would be) this might be an alternative. It ain´t perfect but it does work quite well 😛 Try it out for fun XD
 Memories from  the Freeride Battle of Kanin ! Hope for snow this year !

Alpine developement in Slovenia
Also another thing that might be interesting for some of you could be this Event I am organizing at my “real” job named ALPIN in association with the Slovenian Chamber of Mountain Resorts. For more details click here (in German):P. 

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