Moreboards Stubai Premiere 2012 – Day 3 Of Hangovers, Kickers, Skullcandy and more Slovenian destruction

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Well if you watched the last clip of the Zoo in the last post, the one from Saturday you will undoubtedly have seen that the party left it`s toll. After getting back to Innsbrooklyn at 5 AM, eating mozzarella on toast with ham from the microwave and sleeping in late we got up to the mountain late enough to miss the DC competition and the Billabong surprise jam on the kickers. I saw that our friends Nejc and “Andreas” Andrej Marincic finished 3nd and 2nd. Congrats guys. 

 I was a little sad that we were so late because I did want to shot a few nice kicker shoots. Fortunately even after the Billabong contest was over the tricks kept on coming so I nicely laid back at the container, camera in hand and trigger happy. Next to the kickers another Skullcandy competition was going down at the kinked pipe so I did get good stuff there too. 

Meenwhile Blaz, Domen and the Girls were shredding the beginner park for some fun sobering up after lots of whiskey  rum and the ABISMAL vodka from Hofer. Hell even after being totally exhausted I did a few park lines with my powder skis and drove home late for 4.5 hours. I still ask myself sometimes how we do it. In all seriousness after a night like this most people just pass out. Not us.. we just keep soldering on. The night did claim one victim thou. Gasper… slept the whole day and was still in bed even after we returned to Innsbrooklyn, packed up and hit the road back to Ljubljana.
 Blaz getting ready and then front flipping
Davor heading for the kicker XD
It was kinda sad to say goodbye again. The weekend passed so quickly and with it the realization that this was already the 4th  or 5th Stubai Opening for us and it still manages to be fresh every year. The combination of the location, the vibe, the people and the awesome organisation make this one of my annual favorites  Thnx go to Stubai Bergbahnen and the 5Stars for making this happen, and be sure that we will be back in the zoo opening fever next year because after all, The Stubai Valley is one of my top five places on planet earth and  the ZukerhΓΌtl with 3507m will be claimed this year !!!

I will put together a nice little best off gallery in the next few days where you guys who where there can find a few nice shots and if you need full res once drop me a note! You know where to find me XD

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