Snow falls in Slovenia – Soriska Planina

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After a lazy Friday and an even lazier Saturday, I awoke into a white morning, not expecting much. I got up, turned on my computer, checked Facebook and saw a awkward post by one of my friends. It took me a second to realize that apparently snow had fallen overnight. The question now was only where to go and who would be coming along.
Lines.. everywhere these days XD

After about an hour we were set and ready to go. Blaz, Ziga, Boh  Tom and myself were off to Soriska Planina. We were driving out of Ljubljana and the closer we were getting to our destination, the less snow we saw lying around. Perplexed, I tried calling a friend who had already left earlier in the morning. I got no response. That was a good sign because it meant that someone was most certainly already shredding.

The Wardrobe

Driving higher and higher up the road, it was getting whiter. Snow was starting to fill the trees and the roadside and when we finally arrived at the top of the pass we found around 20 cm of snow. Being fashionably late, the guys had already set up the pipes and so we started having fun in the snow. After taking a few pictures I decided it was time, to do the one thing I always do when we start the season on Soriska Planina. I put my stuff into my backpack, fastened my skis to it and hiked all the way to the top of the main chairlift. The higher I was going the more the wind was blowing and when I arrived at the top and started to put my ski boots on, I heard a weird noise. It was coming from somewhere lower out of the woods and it didn’t sound all too pleasant. I don’t even want to know what it was, but it was a sign that I should be on my way. The descent was nice, the snow was very compact and there was enough for a few little turns.

After I got back to the bottom the guys were still hitting the pipes and my skier friends had started building a kicker. It was quite a fun thing and Blaz even managed to do a front flip on it.

As usual check the pictures of the entire thing in the gallery and again, if you find yourself let me know if you need a high-resolution version.

And thnx Tom for a few of the skier pics so I can be on some too  XD


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