Don´t do this at home kids – Hintertux: Olperer NW Glacier

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And I did XD

 After returning form Stubai we made the best pizza ever 😛 and then there was a simple idea. It was Saturday so it would be nice to go out a little. Our plan for Sunday was VERY ambitiouse. Get up early, check out the Alpinmesse and then head of to Hintertux. SO the basic plan was to go out “a little”. As these things always end we got home at like 5.30 AM. Blaz and Gabi talked for another two hours and I was totally done for form not sleeping, dancing and all the hiking and happy drinks aka vodka. 

So we overslept. Managed to move our wasted buts to Hintertux at around noon when the park, as usual was already in total shade. We were all tired and after two kiker lines and a try in the superice pipe with Mancas kick ass monster disaster frontflip on a pipe (so lucky) we deciede to ski the resort. Well my friends did. I on the other hand had something else in mind. 
The line.. so worth it !
The climb… so sick XD

When we got up the mountain I had noticed the NW side glacier of the Olperer. The most prominent peak at Tux. Since it was bluebird again and the snowpack had stabilzed even at the most steep ranges I decided to try to climb it.. in my skiboots with my basic equipment. Remind me to not be that reckless again. I did a timeleapse of the ascend on my go pro. Since I set it to 5 sec intervals and it took 650 pictures the ascent took me about an hour. And boy was it steep. At after some time I just used my hands as hools… again. I was so exhuasted from no sleep and party that it feelt like I was an astronaut. Every move seemed to take forever and I couldn´t afford to slip of the glacier since I HAD NO HOOK OR anything to stop me if I did. I was luckey that the 20 cm over the ice were so stable that they were able to more or less support my weight if I proceded slowly. I almost lost hold twice on the steepest incline and I was so pumed and determend not to make mistakes that I eventually made it up to the top of the glacier filed. 

What a view. wow. looking down almost vertically I noticed that a few people had gatherd to watch my insanity from the distance. I waved and some waved back 😛 I was happy but so exhausted. It took me around 10 minutes to fashion a bench in the wall to put my skis on. But before that I drank a RedBull. Im not a fan of energy drinks but I do keep one handy in case of superexhaustion. The sugardose, caffeine and adrenalin did the trick and I enjoyed the descent on my skis. The shitty thing was that the battery on my go pro expired so I have no video of the descent. The thing I wanted to have .grrrr…

Olperer glacier
The point of no return…
Made it… time for a Red Bull and MilkaXD

Oh and the adrenalin kick .. well it lasted till 2 AM next day. So I did have some spare energy left in my batteries 😛 for 4 hours of drivin without a stop 😛 


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