JIB Brothers Invitational or the journey is the destination

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Proper Maribor hood action on the car XD

What should have been, a simple little night session, turned into quite an adventure. Let’s start at the beginning. Sometime last week one of our friends from the Jib Brothers crew contacted me, if I would come to their invitational session somewhere near Litija. Not exactly a place, on our free skiing radars. I was a little intrigued. Since at the same time I should have been on my way to Innsbruck. But as it so happens, another nice little Northstau turned south and with the help of the Poo Valley, it started snowing here in the South. Of course it would have been being an idiot to head north while the dump was coming to the South. With that in mind, my Park skis still destroyed, no bindings for the new ones at hand, I set out just to take pictures.
I love the inrun!
Steezin it !
It was late Friday afternoon, and Jernej picked me up with the car. It was a little odd not having any skis with me. We picked up the rest of the crew, and then the adventure was about to begin, with a really odd twist.
200 m from the gas station we ran out of diesel. Yes, we managed to run out of gas in the middle of Ljubljana. So the first thing to do, was to get gas. But in order to manage that, of course, one would need something to put gas in. Fortunately for us Blazes grandparents did left far off at the gas station was close. We got the gas, fielded up, and tried to start the car. And guess what, it didn’t start.
Gas trubble with a smile XD
Fortunately Jernejs cousin, or something like that, is the mechanic, and you told us that we would need a 17 size key. With that we could dislodge the fuel pumps injectors so that the fuel could restart flowing, or something like that. Luckily again, Blazes grandfahter had one. After training, the car’s battery, and getting more help and assistance from the Povse family, it was 9:30 and we were finally ready to go. Of course, since a dump was expected, it started snowing increasingly more.

The Venue:

With the help, Google, and a very vague but accurate description on facebook. We finally managed to get to the session. And boy was it dumping. The guys from Maribor, and the jib Bros were shredding it well, and so I went on to do what they came for. Get a few good shots. So without further ado, here are some:
At this point I would like to thank Sparavc and Agron, for a really cool event, and I’m already looking forward to this one next year. As you can see from the pictures, the backyard Park was awesomely shaped, and included a lot of really interesting and cool obstacles. Even the kicker looked cool and had a really nice and steep landing. All in all awesome. And at the end we even got a ton of cool goodies.
Hell we even had branded polos XXL of course !!!
We were shredding hard, and the like 2 AM or even later, hell I can`t remember, it was time to head back to Ljubljana. Of course, since we had left the car 20 cm of snow had fallen on the road ahead was not cleared. So in the end, even the car got a shitload of faceshots and it took us a mere 2 1/2 hours to pass around 60 km, and that the reason why my next car is going to have all wheel drive. Preferably it is going to be a Subaru. And prefrebly it will have been tested on topgear XD
Well it was really dumping like there was no tommorow XD
The survivors.. before we headed out back into the woods XD

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