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4th generation and still kicking 🙂

In our press tour we also visited La Sportiva. Last year I had a look at scarpa so I was keen on seeing what they had in store for us. The company itself was founded in 1928 in Tesero, Val die Fiemme and has been producing boots of all sorts since then. Again like in the case of the companies from the last post this one is also a family business handing the torch from one generation to the next 🙂

Checking the new goods 😛

Specially interesting for me were two skiboots. Lets start off with the: 

Stratos 3 CUBE

Technically this one is a marvel. Ultratech as I like to call it. This is their third generation carbon ski mountaineering boot. Built to be ultra light and durable it features:
  • Weight: 470g + 80g Liner = 550g per Boot
  • Shell and Cuff material: 100% Carbon Kevlar
  • 5 positions from 5° to 19° of forward lean
  • 76° (+53°, -23°) range of motion
This most probably makes the La Sportiva Stratos³ Cube the lightest ski mountaineering boot in the world and they can be very proud of that. But as interesting as this “spaceboots” might be I was more interested in the 

Soectre and the Sprakle

In a already crowded market that has seen many a companies explosive expansion into the ski mountaineering and touring sector the core brands with the rich history continue doing multiple things. Working on durability, weight and the range of motion. In short they are the innovators, and that is where these two boots shine. Specially designed for Male and Female they offer 60° range of motion and a great 120 flex. The design is great and they seem well made for introducing the new found market of discoverers from the “ride and hike” tribes to the real deal. 
The family at LaSportiva known that these people will soon know that weight is important, and to be honest I would love to give these puppies a spin myself :P. I also like the fact that they stick to the 4 buckles . If you wanna shed some weight you can easily remove one. 

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