Wolfs Cliff

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The shadowfall of the cliff looks like a wolf therfeore I name it Wolfs Cliff

Well it was Friday again. A few days had passed since I had returned from Gerloss, Hintertux and the FWT in Fieberbrunn, and since there had been a dump in the alps me and Gašper were heading back to Innsbrooklyn. We still did not know where we would land on the next day and so, after another little detour to Fieberbrunn we crashed a party, made a plan, got hammered woke up early and went off to Zillertals Hintertux with Aljoša.

My favourite. Awsome style. 

While there the week earlier, I checked out new lines and was eager to try some with a fresh load of snow. We knew we had to stay above 2200m so it seemed like a good plan. What we had forgotten was that it was Saturday, and all of Germany would be dropping into the valley and traffic jams are not my thing… so we had to improvise.

That´s what brought me to this jewel of the alps. After riding and not being all to satisfied I decided to take a little hike to check out another side valley of the Zillertal. The ava situation was stable and the weather was bluebird deluxe. Aljo and Gašper had already given up for the day and when I crossed the ridge line to the other side I saw it. A nice powdery flank.. fresh and at the bottom.. a film crew ? A second later I knew why they were there. There was a cliff. A big one .. a nice one.. one that was PERFECT for filming. So since I had dragged my giant Macro lens with me I started taking pictures. They were good.. and even better was the shadow of the cliff. It looked like a wolfs head. Since you guys know I like wolfs a lot I named it WOLFS CLIFF. Composition perfect. Pictures grande. 
At the top of the flank XD on your right.. avalanche mayhem
and on your left powder heaven XD
I called Aljosa and told him to drag his lazy ass up there! Reluctant he came to join but in the end it was all worth it !  Check it out in the pics bellow 😛 I am so gonna go drop that thing again and the terrain in the back is amazing too and all untracked XD muahahahaha XD

Aljoša riding in style !

On a side note the last week must have been nasty before Saturday. The avalanches we saw were supergnarly aka NOT SURVIVABLE so please be careful since the next dump is already on it´s way or rather was yesterday as Aljoša can attest!

FPS view XD Droping 😛 Gnarly and superfun !

Well that will be it till next week! I+ll be at the ROGLA FREESTYLE WEEK for the next couple of days transitioning back to park and having fun with my friends. If ur there and up for a little chat look me up ! Cheers !

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