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Action on the Nitro obsticle. Photo by Blaž Vizjak

And so it is behind us. The freestyle week. Tons of partying boz and riding park. This year a few of our friends from Austria and Germany joined the fun. 

First of we didn´t trash the apartments, but partymayham ensued anyway. All the usual suspects were present in more or less sober state and it was really nice to shred the park again and ride some kicker on my new park skiz. They are sweet. But that was not the only thing we did 😛

Check out the pics 😛

One of our friends Tobi, from Übersee near Chimsee from beautiful Bavaria also does Skikite and Paragliding. Since the weather was nice on day one and day two before another megadump arrived on sunday, we took for the wide opening where the Biathlon tracks are and Tobi tought us the basics of handling a Kite. All in all superfun but it didn´t stop there. He also had a new Parachute with him so we went downhill to look for a suitable Field to try ourselfs at that.

Granted I never thougt I´d try paragliding (since I never managed to finish my sailplane licence) but I did and it was awesome. All in all it was a great weekend and I was so tired from not sleeping that I still have some catching up to do in that regard. 

Special thnx also go to Rogla for hooking us up with a place to crash and making this event possible with a super park and a great shapercrew ! We will definitely be back next year and then Blaž will ride too when his knee is fixed and Tobis and my colarbone should have less metal on them XD.

Chilling at Dom na Pesku hut after some super Mushroomsoup XD

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