Springtime for Stubai and Austria…Spring Sessions are on !

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Almost ready for Spring Primetime 🙂
Well who ever of you understood the subtext of the title will defiantly be a fan of good comedy. But unlike The Producers the produce at Stubai Zoo for the coming Spring Sessions, regardless of the continuing winter, is excellent. We took a pre opening spin of the park so check it out 😛

One container is now also at the beginer park side 🙂
As a standard for this season I packed my shit together yesterday and head out to Innsbrooklyn again for a week of work related learning, some Interalpin education and of course riding some park. 
Since one of our good Slovenian rider buddies and all around shaper and legend Nejc Kralj left our little Rogla not a day after the freestyle week he and the boys form Schneestern were hard at work creating the setup for the Spring sessions, the annual second coming of the hugeness that is the Stubai park. 

Hmm what to do here XD 
Well whats new. First of the medium line has been moved to the beginner part of the park. It now, when finished on Monday will be a six kicker line for everything up to 10m 😛 awesome for progression and speed shaped to perfection. Today we didn’t even need speed checks it was just perfect out of the box and so were the other obstacles. Speaking of these the line will end in a new Wallride that is due to arrive in the next days. 
Forcast was utter crap again. Clouds everywhere .. but then
at the top ! Superduper sunshine 🙂
All the regular Stubai obstacles are there and of course the bellowed down-rail that is now non sticky as tested XD. 
On Monday the big kickers will also be open and the 3nd one that always had speed problems has been replaced by a nice long table that is due to give you ample of hand planting fun XD.
So if your in the area until the 20th of May the setup will be full and maintained daily to satisfied your already way to high standards of park quality !
Check it out ! Five more weeks to go this season so make em count ! Spring Sessions are on and on the 20th the DC Happy Hitster Hancout
Le Setup 2013 🙂

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