Kaunertal Spring Classics 2013

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The LINE team in action !

So here I kick of the last posts before going into summer surf mode. The Season Finale was on in between the two mega events at Cervino with the Mezzalama Trophy (check reports here) and the Surf Worldcup at Podersdorf (report coming next week). But before  that, read part 1 of 3 from the Season finale:

123.. fun fun fun.. kikerline

Two days after Podersdorf I was checking the weather eager to know when and if the Mezzalama Trophy would start. It was a late Tuesday. I was exhausted from the podo surfworldcup weekend and still undecided where I would stay for 1. of May. Stubai didn`t look to good weather wise, and I was not that keen on driving alone to Innsbruck for 4 hours… let alone packing my stuff  😛 

LINE Team filming some kicker action.

Called +Aljoša to see what the situation was on the ground. That`s where I got the motivational boost required. He just said. Check the Kaunertal weather. So I did and 20 minutes later I was on my way back to Innsbruck. Next morning after picking up Gabi and Tschini we were off to Kaunertal. 

LADA Samara. the car for the alps!!!

As it is spring in Kaunertal the park is shaped for the Kaunertal Spring  Classics sessions. Somewhat of a definitive YES PLEASE for the season ending park slush fun. While driving there, we also learned that a Russian Made Lada is the perfect car for Kaunertal. Some dudes came all the way from the Ukraine to ride the park in a really nicely pimped Lada that goes well trough corners.. ok maybe not as well as my german zoombie survival kit vectra tank but still … impressive. And on our way back we even found, probably the only LADA seller in Tirol… in the middle of Kaunertal. 

There was quite a crowd chillin at the park 🙂

I knew that the LINE Team would be shredding the kickers so I took a few shots from people having fun in the park during a little ride brake :P. Check the gallery bellow:

There was also a nice ski test of the same brand going on so Gabi got to test a pair of new toys. She seems to have liked them form the looks of it.

Padawan Gabi would have loved to keep these babies XD

We had an awesome day. Park was nice and it ended  with a little snow then rain and then sun again. Of course we had to stop at the colossal dam that is build in the valley.. gotta luv monster constructions !

The dam at Kaunertal.. so huge !! When did the Austrians build all this stuff  into the alps 😛
Oh and riding was going so grate that I actually managed a nice 5 that I had not done since my first injury two years ago ! So I was superstoked 🙂

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