Stubai, Samnaun, St.Moriz, Valtourunce

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Checking out post season in St. Moritz

Well of course my last parkday of the season would be Stubai. Naturally. Being my favorite park location for 3 years straight I just love that place. Also after the awesome setup that Nejc and the Schneestern crew built for this spring one would want to take a tent and just not leave at all. So after Kaunertall, when everyone was to tired I couldn`t sit idle in Innsbruck and just had to ride. So I headed up to Stubai for one more kicker day and I even managed to meet a good friend who I haven`t seen since Portugal :):

It was parktime again at Stubai 🙂
The sun came out occasionally.

But it was fun to bump into an old friend 😛
Then said goodbye to he ZOO for the season 🙁

And before heading back down to IBK could`t resist a
Leberknödl soup 🙂
Snow was already melting 🙁
Then Friday came and I had to transition myself to Italy. Mezzalama was less then 48 hours away and in light of cheap gas in Samnaun 0.9 EUR/l diesel, I took the scenic route through Haidiland swizzera. I`ll just let the pictures speak 🙂
Ahh Swiss again… Haidiland XD Deine Welt sind die Berge 😛
Took a stroll trough fancy St. Moriz

Karl was looking down on me in an alley.. 

 The whole town had kind of a gost town feel… shops closed, no people… creepy

That`s the Royal suite.. the whole top thing… 
Even found some sort of deserted miniramp next to the local
“international – speak money – highschool”. No swiss people
studiin there XD
Had enough of St. Moritz and found a nice Resort… Silvaplana…
Lots of interesting terrain for next season to explore….
Next to it the castle from the 80s action sport classic from BOGNER titled FIRE, ICE AND DYNAMITE
bet  you remember that with
Mr. Bond ROGER Moore XD…
Then I found this creepy mansion next to a cliff side and 
20 mins later I was already in Italy.

After that the Mezzalama was on. Read up on that in this post and check out the pics and the video if you haven`t already. Next up will be a report on a few more powderlines at Kleinmatterhorn/Cervino… so stay tuned !

 And I`ll be doing those lines  in style 😛
Oh and the race started at 5 AM
And there were lightspheeres
And Fire XD

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