Munich Snowboard Premiers 2013 Isenseven "A way we go" and Nike "Never not"

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Well it is the time of the year again. Movie time. Yes like every year before the snow falls, to get us pumped up, buy new gear, to be ready for the next season, all the snow movies drop. Since some snow has already fallen, and the peaks are a little white, I found it fitting to cancel my planned trip to the sea, do a quick 180 and head North, to Munich.
There was already a little bit of white topping @Obertauern :)
There was already a little bit of white topping @Obertauern 🙂
Yes, Munich, the beautiful city on the north side of the Alps, a place of dirndl, Oktoberfest, beer and my favorite snowboard film production Isenseven. So by quick planning, I threw my stuff into the car and headed to see a lot of friends I haven’t seen for a while. Some of you might know, that in my student exchange time abroad, I was in Munich for a year.
But before, seeing the new Isenseven movie the “A way we go“, my friend Michi form Blue Tomato invited us on friday for some beer at the Munich outlet, and the premier of the NIKE Snowboarding Film “Never not – Part 1″.
There was quite a crowd at the NIKE Premiere.. would we make it in?
There was quite a crowd at the NIKE Premiere.. would we make it in?
It had also been online yesterday for 24 Hours, that`s why by now u all have probably seen it. If not here is the trailer. You can also get it on Itunes and the regular distribution channels.
NEVER NOT PART 1 – Is it good ?
I liked the film specially the Nicholas Mayer part was very nicely done and of course Haldors over the top streetcrobatics were supercreative. Without going into too much detail, we wounded up drinking beer at the  river Inn coz we were actually to fucking lazy to wait in line (Reminder: Park closer, don`t take so long to get tu MUC and show up with photo shit :P). 
As I was staying with my good old Munich bestie Andi “The Fox” Saturday day morning was time to catch up with the old Munich gang.  My Mongolian buddy Bulgan took us to probably the best Japanese restaurant in Europe (Tsuge Ramen !!!) and I ended up FINALLY getting a pair of new boots since my 5 year old Salomon Kaos were starting to show there age 😛 It`s Salomon Johnny QUEST time now 😛
Fox and Boots :P
Fox and Boots 😛
But the main event, for which I had traveled so far was yet to come. But not before a decent warm-up party. That is why we went to a nice and friendly neighborhood in the east part of Munich, where people walk their dogs, don’t like trampolines and hate noise. In the middle of this suburban German utopia lies, the seat of Bunterhund Production, action sports filming and event production comp from a few of my riding buddies. While playing Mario Kart on the GameCube, yes I’m not the only person who still has a GameCube, we were enjoying a few drinks and listening to the latest Smurfs album (no this is not sarcazm… Munich rox!). Soon thou it was time to head to town to the premiere I had been wating for.
Back at MUC ... the place of mischief  next to  the Theresienwiese :)
Back at MUC … the place of mischief next to
the Theresienwiese 🙂

We arrived and the party was on. My Serfaus local and powderbuddy Pavli had made it too and we were all awaiting the screening. The last time I had been to a Isenseven movie Premiere in Munich was way back in 2010, where we actually did a video report, kind of thinking of it it’s a hilarious piece of video that you have to see, and if you don’t have the time just skip to the last 20 seconds. The alte Messe was filling up, people were getting into the mood, free stuff was being given away and finally it was time for the movie to start.

And the movie did not disappoint, definitely being better than the last two, maybe a little on the short side, it showed for me the thing that was most important in snowboarding better then the Nike movie the day before. Sure the tricks might not have been so over the top, but it sure seemed to show something, that these days, with all the big sponsors, the technicality of the tricks, and the sheer amount of work that goes into these movies gets lost somewhere in between. It showed that snowboarding, more generally fun in the snow is what it’s all about.

It wont be long now before the mountains look like this again.
It wont be long now before the mountains look like this again.

Of course, if you have been to one of these premiers, you know what follows after a screening: time for party, and the Drunken Masters, made the house tremble with an awesome mix, that had something for everybody. I don’t know how and I don’t know when exactly I made it back home but it was one hell of a party and that is a good sign of things to come in the season 2013/14. And to sober me up before heading back to Ljubljana straight trough the alps a little swim in a pool is never a bad thing !!!

It iz all in blur XD
It iz all in blur XD

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