KTO 2013 – Day 1 Snowed in

Frau Jenssen in Action :P

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Well here we are. Opening season is in full swing and it all starts with a big bang after the IF3 in Innsbruck last week. So I picked up Blaz after work and we were off into the biggest storm of the “summer”. First rain so you could not see the road, then light snow and then after driving in Innsbruck.. picking up Clari, heavy snowfall that ended in a white road when arriving in Kaunertal after midnight…

So we woke up to a white morning in snowfall. Glaicer got 70 cm of snow, town got 50.So that ment the Glaicer would stay closed for the day and we started looking for things to ride.

Fortunately for us in front of our apartment there is a little ski lift and after about an hour we were a ton of people from everywhere making obstacles, kickers, tree-taps etc. to have some fun on ! Check out the pics bellow.

 Oh and the first day recap is already online!

After getting our fill of fun the snow was already getting very heavy the sun came out and we even managed to do a little sightseeing and made it to FISS 😛

And now it`s time for the evening so probably swimming, a few long exposure shots at the Kaunertal Stausee and then off to the PartyTENT 😛

Then the sun came out! Remember this is October not January
Then the sun came out! Remember this is October not January

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