O’Neill Pleasure Jam 2013 – Results

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Well O`Neill Pleasure Jam came and went. What was to be a last minute event coverage thing for me unfortunately, I missed. Since the weather was turning into crap *read snow and rain* the event gut fast tracked to Friday… Yes the Friday that I wanted to arrive. So I missed it. Because the weather situation was looking to bad to fly my killer drone for a few aerial shots we decided that it just woudn`t be… so after seeing a post of a ton of beers from my dachi modri paradajz locals… I sat into my car and drove… back home to Maribor. Sometimes it just don`t happen. 

I did almost killerdrone a friend of mine in a sci-fi made of boredom viral the next day 😛 check it out at the bottom of the page 😛

But next to my aerial mastery of the more destructive kind there was a ton of awesome areal destruction going on on Friday at Dachstein. I am told of an epic showdown. With no wind in the Semifinals and an epic run of the Swiss Markus Mathias.

Tim Kevin smiling after his 4th place
Tim Kevin smiling after his 4th place

As for the finals our Slovenian bread to ride machine Tim Kevin Ravnjak killed it into 4th place.. not bad for someone who turned 17 a day before the event :P. I asked him what he felt after his run and he surprised me by saying:

“I didn`t even know I was 4th till I got down in the valley, so I pretty much missed the prize giving, which is a bummer. But when I found out the result I was very happy and surprised.”Tim Kevin Ravnjak 

As for the podium that went to the north.. aye winter is surely coming and the people of the north are already swinging with Sven Thorgren. David Hablützel from Switzerland was second and Brage Richenberg was third.

The girls also ripped super hard with  gold going to Switzerlands Isabel Derungs who ended Aimee Fullers two year reign. Amiee slipped to third place. Second came local Anna Gasser with a ton of backsides.

Isabel Derungs wins 1st place
Isabel Derungs wins 1st place

The party seems to have been epic as usual judging from the stuff that showed up on Facebook the next day and on Saturday I was actually kinda pissed at myself that my last minute planing didn`t work out. Guess you can`t have it all… but surely again next year !!!

Oh and here my drone attack just for fun XD


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