This was KTO29 Less snow more fun!

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Sure you are going to say how can less snow be more fun. Well let me start at the beginning, oh and don´t worry the report will be more pictures and less text! 

Thursday evening it began… I was off to Innsbruck..first snow of the season. I was looking forward to the Innsbruck crew… called them in Salzburg… I would be late… the ride was a bitch… first 1 hour of closed freeway followed by 30 minutes of Karavankentunnel wait up to hitting some spoiler from a truck on the fast lane… luckily no damage to the car… odd start… dinner would be ready… I arrived thinking of sleep and food… 15 minutes later .. we were of to the first party of the season… I knew I would not make it early in the morning..but the Boardersalon was up with tons of new stuff to test !


There was no hurry. Everyone was very much in a chill mood so I meet up with Michi, who most recently became a “self employed” skibum. He lives in a cool VW camper now :P. The others would join later. We headed up to the glacier. We were driving up.. damned the snow situation was dire I thought. But the weather was really nice. We came to the top… never seen the Kaunertal Glacier so barren. But Schneestern did the impossible… they build a park out of nothing and it was a super fun setup.. kinda like a park ski resort… u had a big line a medium one and a chilly learning setup as well as some pipes… all of it, like carpets on white snow, where there were there should have been none. We made a few runs and then decided.. trampolines and well if its warm, swimming in one of the glacier lakes. When we returned down the road we stopped at the first little  lake and threw ourselves into the water… as I would later learn most of the people who drove down saw us… we would be “the guys that threw themselves into 6 degree water just for the fun of it” XD.

Then it was party time. Picked up the rest of the crew with Michis van at the closest train station and some booz, food… started of in the house. Went to the tent.. as for the rest… I do remember the movie premier from the pirates movie.. and next morning there was a new sticker on the door of our apartment not to let people who do not live in the apartment into the house XD Also someone managed to spill bear on the stairs… Clari I don`t know how you did that while still sober 😛 hhh

Riders at the ready!
Riders at the ready!

Also in the three days slope style and jib contest were going down featuring riders like Pro Lisa Zimmerman etc. A few pics but more in the gallery


But now back to the story 😛 SATURDAY came. And with it the bad weather. We made the best of it and decided that it was time to take a scenic trip with the gondola to the Italian border in absolute fog… awesome. Short we didn`t last long that day.. went swimming and then it was again party time. Since I had a bit of a hangover from Friday there would be no mixing this day just vodka XD Also we got wind of a party in a little Bar called “Zappa Dello” at the end of town called “Teen Slut Party”. There are a few girls from University in Innsbruck who organize random parties and we said that would be our destination. Michi had some confetti in the car… the plan was to crash that party XD and that we did…. The pics from our confetti antics can be found here.

We also thought we would win a GoPro4  but of course we did not
We also thought we would win a GoPro4 but of course we did not


Ok I know I should keep it short, so for SUNDAY I`ll just say.. best parkday in a long time.. Love the setup, the wibe and the obstacles… also the kicker is super-smooth… wish I had more holidays to stay longer XD Gabi thought the girls there first jib skills at Gabis Freestyle Camp… I did a few laps on the kicker and played on the jibs.. then trampoline and as we couldnt resist swimming in 6 degree water.. at least I think it was 6 .. the air had 8 degrees and felt warm after so it might even have been less XD KNEIPKUR at it`s best 😛

Matic.. beeing superstylish !!!
Matic.. beeing superstylish !!!

I took a few great pics on that day and also one of our Slovenian buddy and Filmer Matic Zavodnik *who I kinda did not even recognize* Check out the pics .. maybe I zapped you too if you were there 😛

Also since the filming crews were super active check out the action in moving pictures from the fun KTO dayz… can`t wait for the 30th Anniversary next year ! 

Shameless plug :): I also threw myself into the water with the power of our latest energy provider ! Russian Bear Energy XD coz like a bear, even at water temperature 2 cm, we can swim !!!

No water temperature can stop me now!

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