Lets get this party started… A look at what is in store at awayfromthepack this season

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“Hi everyone! It has been some time!” would be the short version of all the things I have been up too since my last adventure post. Last season was epic but a lot of time constrains did now allow me to write the longer blog articles on my steep skiing and expedition adventures. If you followed my socials you know what I have been up too. If not catch up here :P. Real life, you know working 50-60 hour weeks, paying my proper share of taxes, working on solving systemic problems in our system etc. have kept me super busy and now as the season winds up, I will finally be able to allocate more time to get articles done instead of just the regular overrated “no attention span” required social media fluff. You guys know me for writing proper articles, trying new mediums and tech and not just copying or redoing unintuitive, bland “influencer” kind of content that has been done to death. After all there are enough people out there doing that!

In the coming weeks I will also be posting a few articles related to my ongoing Biwak powder project from last season. Last year there was a ton of #biwipowproject adventures and I have selected three where we put up our camp and explored interesting lines you will want to check out. I will also teach you a few fun things and hopefully inspire you for more adventure. Starting off on an insanely cool Silverster biwak adventure in Innsbruck, steep areas at Zell am See you have probably overlooked and lots of cool new stuff in my favorite Tyrolean valley.. the Kaunertal. As most of you have undoubtedly noticed there is currently a big marketing pivot at the skiing and outdoor brands to biwaking and expedition style adventures with lots of steep skiing and every idiot with a social media account seems to be flocking to this niche “reinventing” themselves as a steep, expedition or extreme skier. If this is good or bad only time will tell. My verdict is still out on that one :P. Definitely thou a fun subject for a debate.

Regardless as it has been the case for the last 4 years of my expedition adventures be sure that I am going to stay true to my mantra of sharing tips and the experience with you so that every article is not a boast to ones ego or some way off brand management, but a sharing of knowledge and experience you can use in your own adventures :). You know tips that you can apply to your own way of going about your adventures, wherever they may take you. As Sylvester approaches I will also do my annual gear article but this time based on last years ISPO. In my opinion it is a bit pointless to write about gear you can not buy yet and that is why I like to publish my ISPO articles  later and not a week after ISPO, when I actually have a bit of time with the gear  I find insteresting under my belt and can attest to it functionality and durability!

There are also a few big changes coming on the gear front. I have been in talks and will be switching my main ski brand. At last years ISPO I started talks with Dynastar and Lange and will be testing their gear this season. Leki will always keep my fingers warm and steep ready with their poles and my long term outdoor expedition gear supporter Ferrino is supplying me with a new Alpride E1 based avalanche airbag system backpack that also includes an respirator!. I am especially excited to test this electric system after the ABS Pride system the season before.

I will also be expanding my cooperation with my long term shop sponsor Extreme Vital on their Slovenian blog with more localized content. I am very excited at this prospect and looking forward to introducing my bled of adventure to a broader audience. Also as the big trip this year in January I am returning to Japan, five years after my first taste of the lightest snow in the world it is finaly time to head back with the old “japow” crew Žiga and Gašper! There is also a ton of stuff I can not yet talk about but it will be epic ;).  So the season prospects look mighty interesting with lots of fun challenges to master :).

So lets get this party started! Can not wait to see all my friends again after a long summer break of injury recovery! Without further ado I will open with a few short stories on the first days on my Superskicard this winter in October, when it all started first by conquering  an old Nemesis in Styria and then in a tent near a lake called Grünsee. A nemesis and a green lake you ask ? Find out what it all means in the next post ;).

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