A little surfspot guide to surfing Thulusdhoo and the Maldives Of Chickens, Cokes and Ninjas

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As a little intermezzo, before I continue my adventure story from the previous post that you can read up here if you haven’t yet. Here my “professional” assessment of the spots close by the island of Thulusdhoo as drawn little maps with a few notes from my secret notebook. All this effort goes into preparing you for the story in the next post. I hope you are good at reading scribbly hand writing of secret maps :).



“I liked cokes. It was thrilling to go into the water form the island. The shallowness of it all and the small tide movement added to the adrenalin rush one feels when dropping into this legendary endless right tube machine. But don’t be fooled. The locals ride it left as well. a bit cray cray from the no fall side of things. I will definitely be back on this one but next time I have to be in better shape to surf to dare push it at least a bit. Only ouch I got here was from the corals on the way out. Check the map. You can take a boat out for 10 USD too, enter form the island or paddle around for free”.


“Mixed feelings about this one but I will remember it forever as the first place that I broke a board. It was intense and humbling. I got nice wave on the inside. Went a bit to far, saw a big set coming in, was to late to flee to the right. Did a lazy duck dive, underestimating swell power. Got in. Hear a a pop and my board felt to light. Get out on the other side and see that the front third is missing. Don’t feel any pain. Get to the boat and see cuts from the stringer on my right arm. New scar! Sexy! Other then that nice lefty spot. If you are early and find a boat not crowded at all. Boat is 10 USD.”


“Was the easiest of the three spots I enjoyed. Probably because week two saw medium swell come in and the company I was with was super chill. Really nice lineup. Not as competitive as the other two. Currents are quite strong here even on medium swell. Needs a bit of paddling to stay in the goldilocks zone :). Also unlike the name only two Japanese were present :P. Boat is 20 USD. Sometimes is harder to find if you want to go on the fly because you usually need at least 4-5 people for the boat guys to go”.

Next up the story continues on how a broke my first surfboard, meet a ton of cool people and ended up celebrating on the bar boat 😛 More in part two. Stay tuned.

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