Ferrino INSTINCT 40+5 backpack review KEGL EXERCISES - Season 1 Episode 1

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Time to start off the new content season with some new ideas. Meet KEGL EXERCISES (not to be mistaken for kegel exercises😂).Check out my first live unscripted mostly one take review of the backpack from the #uture the new Ferrino INSTINCT 40+5 and see what I think of it, how all the super technical details on it work and learn a hack or two for your next mountain adventure💯.

This is the first in a series of content I wanted to start making for a long time but did not have the necessary studio, gear, time and energy to do. Finally my creativity had to be unleashed so check it out 😊. Who knows maybe its even good 😂😂😂

Also let me know what you think of the pack and this kind if o content in the comments !🥰


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