Kaunertal Opening 37 Action from the air!

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Time flies. I can still remember last years Kaunertal Opening waking up on Sunday in the back of my car. It was already light out. Got out. Parked next to me was Gabis car. She was tucked out in the back. I did not want to wake her so I went ahead and made a snack… an hour later we were making omelets at 2500m on the full parking lot with friends passing. Everyone was trying their best to be sober. 

Well this year the plan was a bit different. I wanted to do a bit of air filming with my Keglbors drone fleet. Joing by my twin bro, Marusa and two Slovenian snowboarders Žiga nad Jojo we did a quick two day visit of my now16th Kaunertal opening. Yes I only missed one 😛. So instead of writing another 10 minute article. Check out the two edits I made from the drone footage I filmed.



One thing thou is for certain! We will be back in November for the Testival 🙂 and that the days spent there are dreamy and surreal. A world that for now we still get to enjoy from time to time !


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