ISPO 2012 Brake: lines at Obertauern and sun at Saalbach

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Anton waiting up for us

Now as the ISPO was four days long, and we were there only for one day I found two more days to go searching for some more powder. As the new snowfront moved towards the southwest Alps and Italy, and the sun was coming out in the main Alps the high lines started getting into reach and with a little bit of hiking one had a lot of good stuff to cover. 

But let`s start of with Saturday. The day before the ISPO. Since I was heading to Saalbach and had an entire day to spend somewhere before the big day, I meet up with the Tomšič brothers at Obertauern. It literary took me ages to get there. But we finally meet up. Not expecting much freshies we did a few lines under the main gondola and since most of the terrain was tracked, we started looking to the other side of the valley. There was some mild cloud cover with a few rays of sun working it`s magic on the northeastern slopes. Avalanche danger was low and it was apparent what the gigantic snow masses with all there weight had done to the mountains. Big Plates had come loose and the exposed holes were a thing one had to look out for. But the forcast was easy on us, not to be underestimated thou! 
Had to watch these on the
way up
Low avalance danger doesn`t
meen no danger !
Entire plates had come loose

Arriving on the western top we saw a nice area on the other side. A nice face..  mostly untracked. It had to be claimed and I just couldn`t resist it. The others still recovering from bad injuries decided to take it easy, but I just couldn`t leave it at that. A voice inside my head just vouldn`t give it a rest. After climbing up I was amply rewarded. Check it out in the edit bellow. 

Before the Obertauern part thou you will also see a little line I found in the sunny sun of Saalbach on Monday. The day after the ISPO. Nothing special but a lot of fun in the sun. This one was way off to the west end of the resort. Everything else was tracked completely… all in all two good days. 
The Obertauern Arena@Hohe Tauern

But remember not to wander away from the pack to far alone if conditions are not easy, like they were at Saalbach. But even then bad Avas can trigger, as u can see to my right in the edit where the entire part of the side went down under the overlap of blown in snow…And  also if you do, take a radio so you can stay at intercom with your buddies, who knows maybe you`ll be lucky and one of them has a camera .. and you get a two angle shot for your archive ;). Thnx again dudes ! 

Soneneck in the distance@Hinterglem

Funny side note.. this is the first time in 7 years of filming action sports that I actually edited something were I am in it riding for the most part. Feels kinda odd hhh!

And Also when scouting around the Eck in Saalbach I managed to find tons of sick lines that will have to be checked out in the future. More on that when they are claimed !
The Peak
Now this should have given you a nice little taste of powdering around on skis and that is also our next focus in the ISPO schedule: Skis, and more skies !!! Stay tuned 🙂 but first a few more pics.. this time only Nexus quality 😛

The line of the day
Photo by Pavel Tomšič
Photo by Pavel Tomšič
More things to ride in the distance
Nope this one aint for me !
Adrian get to tha chopa !
Photo by Anton Tomšič

The snow pack is just to heavy…

Spieleck@Saalback 1998m

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful pictures and the awesome video of the lines you did at Seekareck this year. We hope you enjoyed freeriding in Obertauern and you join us again next season.

    greetings from Obertauern,
    the LürzerFerien Team

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