Photo contest.. the one you didn`t know you won something at

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Sometimes I think fate is a funny thing. When you least expect it, something turns around and you get something you never thought you would. 
As it turns out back in October I got 2nd place at the annual Moreboeards Stubai Photo contest from the park opening weekend. I was there for testing new skis, having fun with my bavarina skier chicas,shooting some nice pics of my rider buddies at the Volcom contest that took place and of course the partying 😛 Stubai as alawys was great !
The winning picture 🙂

I did enter one of the pics in the contest for fun but didn`t think much of it. Until for some unknown reason I did a search on my name last week in Google. and I got a link that took me to the contest winners page. And to my surprise I saw my picture, dropped a quick note to Denny form 5 Stars GmbH, the marketing agency that seems to manage the event and to my surprise she said that I`m still getting the RIDE Messiah backpack ! Gotta luv z gemanz.. reliable 🙂

DHLd from Kepten Germany… The Backpack !
Special thnx to Denny from 5Stars GmbH

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