NEMA “Mute” Movie – Watch it now online!!!

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I know it`s not snow related but still 😛 A week before my accident we finally had the official movie premier of a project we did with my friend and upcoming director Andraž Kadunc, Blaž Vizjak cameramen/DOP and a ton of other people that helped make this “no budget” production a success. The goal was to make a short-film. It was our second short-film and I must say that according to the feedback we got it was really a success.

Nice turnout 🙂

Our names on the seats.. classy 🙂

Andro made a really nice Premier and we even had some live music from the band Sensimilia and despite the low temperatures it was all great. And for a change we got proper credit 🙂 Feels good to be properly appreciated. We would like for all of you to see how it turned out so without further ado:

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