Back in the Innsbruck grove… april powder MADNESS continued

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April snowstorm in the Sun – 420 cm and counting

I had already thought that after Mölltal my powder season would come to an end but I was wrong. What started as a business trip on the Subject of Alpine skiresort infrastructure for the embassy in promoting Slovenian projects in Austria ended in one unexpected Innsbrooklyn party and ride weekend. After spending Tuesday evening nostalgically strolling in Vienna, checking out the place  where we used to live when I was a kid (Erdbergerlände 22) and the first presentation of my Report on the alpine infrastructure in Slovenia, the  edge of doing something like that for the first time had been taken off. The participants were very impressed  and I even meet a new riding buddy who works at a planning company for mountain resorts. 
Erdbergerlände 22
Nostialgia pur 😛
We soon set out to our second Event in Innsbruck. It would be the first time I was at snow city without ONE single piece of gear.
After arriving at our hotel the uberfancy 5Star Grand Hotel Europa I had an hour to kill so I set out to meet my friend Aljosa who was spending the winter there riding tons of pow. To my surprise another friend was there. Pavli 🙂 Pavli works as a ski instructor in  FISS over the season and, since the season was over, he was heading back home with a small pit-stop at Aljosas. We quickly agreed that we would be returning on Sunday as he had another exam to take for his snow rapids guide course. After that it was back to business. 
After a lavish evening at a fancy pizzeria with the emissary and Mr. Pintar from the Rogla resort the next day went well with the presentations and it was finally time to party 😛 
My Temporary outfit XD

We went everywhere, meet a Teddybear 😛 and got home really wasted. I checked the snow forecast and it was showing that Saturday would be perfect riding weather.. 30 cm of fresh and bluebird. And I didn´t have any equipment… damned .. where to get it?

I turned out to be lucky … Pavli would borrow me the cloaths, beacon and a pair of skis he got at FISS and is trying to sell. If you need a extra pair add him on facebook XD. Nice K2 Hellbents in better condition than my own. A guy left them there and never came back to claim them. 
Joshi would give me socks, poles I`d get them from my dear Bavarian ski goddess Michi XD. All was set and we only needed to make dinner with some riding buddies to be ready for Saturday.


And Saturday came. We were picked up by our Swedish friend as the girls had an nice day planed with LipStick production. Weather was perfect and we headed off. I have to thank our chicas for getting me a free lift pass XD that kinda made my day 🙂 After getting some boots rented and a pair of skis that fit them we headed for some powder. And it turned out that it would be powder stress. At 9-10 am most of the easily accessible main lines had been ridden so it was time to tackle the once that were hidden. 

Our ride came all the way from Sweden XD
We found some nice once… and some crappier once but all in all it was good. The borrowed Stuff was working well and the wind was starting to pick up 😛 Good for us as the insane amounts of really good snow were covering the ridden tracks very fast. 
Park as usually Perfect
Gabis buddies droping cliffa
At the end of the day we headed to the Stubai Zoo and Aljo went on to test his new board on the Kickers. I`m still not fit for kicker lines so of course I had to WANDER OFF AWAY FROM THE PACK to a little peak on the side  of the resort to make a few more powder turns. The sight off Sölden was really nice but before reaching the top a cloud covered everything and made it a little sketchy to find my way back., but all in all it was not that bad.  
In the middle Sölden
The view…

After a nice long day we got back to Innsbrucklyn ! Again it was party time. Sophie had her Birthday party and it was sooo awesome that we ended up at 6 AM on her couch with cake before finally heading back to Ljubljana hung over as hell. All in all an unexpected little vacation from it all 😛 

The sun was strong.. so was the bozze ..
Happy Bday Sophie !

Its all a blur XD
As tomorrow seems to be another nice pow day and before I head of to Podersdorf I might get yet another powderday… well see 😛 as it seems the season is not over yet. And since Dachstein is already opening… riding is becoming more and more of a 365 thing… and I like that XD
A little to fast for my Phone camera 
Little Avalanches were going off here and there
but it was remarkably stable for the strong sun

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  1. That's it!!Dreams coming true for you. Like it very much, as it seems you found the love of your life. Just try to add a little more of your MB big friends into your mayhem of fun, work, hangovers….

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