Kanin for ourselves… the last powderday of the season

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Quite a lot of snow 
Before leaving for Podersdorf to the surf World Cup I took another day of to find some more snow. I originally planned to go to Mölltal, but it was well after finding out everybody else had lingered there the day before, that I changed my plans. Everything was probably tracked so there wasn’t much sense to drive there in the first place. In the morning of the same day I saw a nice snowy picture of Kanin. I was actually a little surprised. I thought that by now the snow there would have receded to a level that would impair nominal operation of the resort. I saw an interesting picture on facebook that seemed to prove me wrong. I picked up the phone and made a few calls to organise the trip.

The Tracks of the day (disregard the line to the left :P)

Hiking is exhausting 😛 time to chill 
I had been a little late so it was hard to find people to join. Fortunately, Donna had time and off we were. We thought we would stay in the Italian side and spare us the ride over the mountain pass, but unfortunately the Italian side of the resort was closed. After getting over to the other side, to Bovec we took the cable car up and were quite surprised. There were barely any people there and snow was mostly untracked. To my surprise it was all still mostly in good shape. We decided that it was a nice day for hiking. And it really was.
Scenary soo awsome 🙂
After riding and hiking for a couple hours we also went the cable station where we met Maja from the resort. The temperatures outside were rising rapidly and we decided to call it a day and get some suntan. When we arrived at the base station the temperature had risen to 21°C. I found it to be a little perplexing since the temperature in Innsbruck had still been some where around -5°C a few days prior. The winter clearly seems to be receding and I think it’s safe to say that this was the last day of this year’s powder season.
Thumbs up 🙂
Before heading back to ljubljana we also stoped at Bled to say hi to my powderiding buddy Žiga who works at 3glav, a excursion company that takes you around the slovenian mountains over the summer. Feel free to check it out if your in the area and get a got coffe 😛
Next up, I’ll have a few articles up and ready from the windsurf World Cup that was taking place at Podersdorf in Austria over the weekend, so stay tuned.

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  1. Love the video and the classical tune that accompanies it. For the written part; makes me wanna grab my skis :>
    Keep up the good work mon ami!

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