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Wind dancers 🙂

One of the highlights of this year’s World Cup at Podersdorf was definitely the tow in competition. Taking place every evening with an elimination round of two runs it was on. Definitely the highlight of the show events it proved to be the perfect photo opportunity.  Here are a few pictures that should give you a nice impression of how the event went down. Turns out that it can be really good to have so many burst flashes at one place 😛 There was a ton of Photographers and we all seemd to hate the damed palm trees that were set up next to the main OE3 stage. So please organizers next year move those out of the way for the contest. We will love you for it !

The results of the TOW IN were as follows:
Rider   Points
01 Van Broeckhoven Steven  100 
02 Estredo Gollito   85
03 Thode Kiri    75
04 Bjorn Saragoza  65
05 Frans Taty    55
Congratulations also to our friend from la bella Italia Mattia Fabrizi who also took part in the Tow in 🙂 He didn`t stick the first run but the second was more spot on :

And here a few more shots from the contest 🙂

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