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Some time has passed since my failed or should I rather say broken Canada trip. I recovered well from the broken collarbone πŸ™‚ but a bit more rehab is required ! The surf kind !
Back in May I meet a few nice windsurferdudes when we went to Podersdorf for the windsurf worldcup and decided that I will improve my windsurfing skill set a little  this summer. That`s when Anja Jager from the slovenian surfmag kinda convinced me to come to Karpathos island in Greece. But of course I could`t just leave my wavesurfing passion on the side so I added a bit of Portugal in to the mix. Peniche is the place where we will surf and Foz is the place where we will stay for that part of the trip !
I introduced the plan to my good friends who always let me crash in Innsbruck and we were set, and since fellow photographer Miha Godec is in Portugal already with our kite friends Max and StaΕ‘a it`s bound to be a blast. 
First Greece and then Portugal ;)!!! 
I will be switching the whole blog to a more summer like chillaxed feel in the next few days before finally leaving next weekend. Expect a few unexpected updates if I manage to find a free Wi-Fi hot spot or am not to busy hunting the wind and the waves ! 
This is me going off the grid for the next month! 
SURF`s UP !!!

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