KTO 2013 – Kaunertal opening Dropping 11.-13. October

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Three years in a row we started the season at the Stubai Opening. So after so long, it is time that we mix it up and maybe head to another place 😛 And what better to do then to go to Kaunertal 😛 For those of you who do not know, the Kauntertal glacier is also home to one of the homiest parks in the alps.  It opens with the KTO Opening and concludes the season in the legendary spring sessions.

This year the opening is going to be a lot bigger then ever before. A giant Blue Tomato gear test , tons of side events and a lot of party are going to take it to a whole new level. There is going to be a Pro and an Amature contest with lots of prizes a Monster Rail session and at the KTO Music Festival in Fichten (valley) a skateramp two nights of music with DJs from the UK and there will even be some art in form of a snowboard exhibition that will showcase the whole evolution from the first snowboard to todays high-tech boards.Here a little gallery from the last spring sessions 😛

BTW for the whole program check out the new updated KTO page with the full lineup 😛

As for the park setup it should be really big. The organizers let us know that of course it will be dependent on the snow conditions. And since this is the pic from friday the 27.th…

well no need to say more :

The mountains Gandalf... the Mountains :P
The mountains Gandalf… the Mountains 😛

Of course I will keep you all posted about the contests etc. like last years season starter so keep following the blog and next to that we will go more real-time with the new TUMBLR I decided to keep up after my little bali experiment but before that we head to Innsbruck for the IF3 🙂

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