KTO 2013 – Day 3 Park Contests and Avalanches

The Pro-Line... perfection!

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Of course we couldn’t stay away from the park all of the time. With so many things going on, the perfect conditions and insane set up madness was sure to ensue.

Blaž and myself took a few runs through the park, jibing and hitting the medium kickers. All in all great fun and something, that got a bit of a short end because of our extensive powder ski test.

 Speaking of powder, two riders also managed to trigger an avalanche above the main piste. Quite reckless in October considering the state of the snow pack. Luckily no one was injured.

The little avalanche went off above the stones on the right
The little avalanche went off above the stones on the right


“The first hettrick in history of the KTO went to Eric Beauchemin. He won the Pro Contest for the last three years. Follow ups were Ryan Hryckiewicz and the austrian Peter Walchhofer. Andri Ragetti killed the freeski contest this year. Not only did he become best Rookie and the award for best trick, the 15 year old Swiss Rider also won the overall male Freeski Contest. Parallel to that the Monster Rail Session presented by downdays.eu & Snowboarder MBM brought the back from summer riding to a higher level. Jibbing skills at it´s finest were seen. With his remarkable style, Stefan Langgaster won the Snowboard Rail Session.” – As per official KTO Website 🙂

Dubble trubble :)
Dubble trubble 🙂

Results MEN – PRO

1 Ragettli Andri SUI 
2 Ranalter Dennis AUT 
3 Benz Alex CH 
4 Eisl Lukas AUT 
5 Obwaller Markus AUT 
6 Gemiliani Simon AUT 
7 Preuss Flo GER 
8 Müller Tobias D 
9 Ritsch Thomas AUT 
10 Scheck Sebastian GER 
11 Geyer Flo GER 
12 Manca Manuel SUI 
13 Keirnes Spencer USA 
dns Schwaiger Raphael AUT 
dns Victor Moosmann AUT 

Results WOMAN – Pro

1 Zimmerman Lisa GER
2 Rathgeb Regina AUT
3 Paul Anna D
4 Bair Philo AUT
5 Cakmakli Sabrina GER

And again I would also like to thank the organizers for the nice welcome and the great organisation. The bigger KTO really shined and we even had a proper beginning of the winter 🙂 If you have some time also check out what was going on behind the scenes unofficially on the wandering off away from the pack tumblr 😉

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