Last Season Part 1 of 4 - Kilaskute, Vogel and Sella Nevea/Kanin

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Well it has been a while since I had time to write something on the blog and after the awesome summershred weekend at Dachstein but before I leave for a month of Bali surf it`s time to catch up on some of our trips from 2013/14 season. If you have been following my “unofficial” tumblr you know that a lot was going on after the ISPO. For those of you guys who have not been following I decided to do a quick little recap since im already super motivated for the next season. 


After the ISPO the first thing that went down like it does every year was our local urban backyard session at the KILASKUTE club. Blaž has since been ramping up his activities and also put up a new webpage be sure to check it out. It was also a nice test for the “Keglkillahdrone” for some nighttime gopro footage. Granted.. not studio quality but still fun to fly 😛



Dumping like there is no tomorrow
Dumping like there is no tomorrow

As you all know powder season was rather hard for us here in the southeast, Tirol was not that much better, and no, I am not talking Italy here. Italy was insane :P. But we also had a few good dumps, of course with obligatory nasty high temperatures. That meant u had to be there when it was dumping and so we did on the only day in Slovenia I had all season with our friends from Vertical Advantures. And boy it was the second most sketchy day of the season. Check the video and you will know why.

Next to everything being unstable we were also soaking wet like stray dogs in a summer rainstorm. But still a fun day.

BELLA ITALIA – Sella Nevea

After that amazing snowfall at Vogel we had to check out the conditions at Sella Nevea/Kanin. As most of you guys know the resort on the Slovenian side went bust last year so the connection ain`t working all to often. Promotour, the company that runs Sella Nevea and a few other resorts in the area like for example Forni di Spora  were apparently kissing up to TGR for their filming needs. Showing them hospitality that we are not used to… usually the lift people like to get into fights with other freeriders… talk about dubble standards… regardless as always the Sella Nevea terrain was great with the exception of me hitting a tree and being out for two weeks thnx to stretching my acl involuntary. Here is the fun edit form that trip:

Fortunately it was not a tear so I was back on my feet a few weeks later. More on that in part 2 but first a few more pics 🙂

Next post drops in a few days so be sure to check back.

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