FERRINO Highlab 20 years of Research by FERRINO on the Monte Rossa Plateau

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As some of you guys know I was lucky enough to be invited to the MEZZALLAMA Trophy by Ferrino in 2013. It was a great experience that you can read up on here. Last week I got great news that Ferrino is celebrating 20 years of cutting edge research at there laboratory on the Monte Rossa.

FERRINO HIGH LAB (like the line of Products based on its research) is Italy`s highest lab and is located at the Quintino Sella Refuge at Felik. It has been there for 20 years and even earlier before becoming official in July 1994.

The Refugio Quintino Sella next to the HighLab
“Those of us who actually make high-altitude equipment, field testing is the central element. And the field can only be the top of a mountain.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t focus on other research and development stages” says CEO Anna, fifth generation Ferrino in the company
W.T.S. technology was tested and perfected at the HighLab

One such example of this high altitude research is W.T.S. (Welded Technical System) technology, which has replaced the use of sewn seams and was developed thanks to tests carried out in the HighLab field before being applied to the EMPEROR tent in 2010 (making this the first seam-free tent by Ferrino). These tests showed how taped seams on a tent, when subjected to UV rays for long periods, undergo changes that lead the taping to come away from the inside of the fabric, which may then lead to water leakages and a resulting need for repairs.  On the other hand, W.T.S. technology, field tested at HighLab, was able to overcome this problem, allowing Ferrino to offer a cutting-edge product.  The following year, the very same technology was applied to the line of HL Revolution W.T.S. sleeping bags, which has welded channels that as well as preventing heat dispersion, also stop the down filling from escaping, as it would through normal seams.  This line of sleeping bags also has a patented technology that combines W.T.S. with the use of stretch thread to offer even better comfort (up to 15% more available space compared to a standard sleeping bag).

As it happens to be we are planing a little visit to the altitude camp soon from where we will give you a nice little inside look at how it is being up there at the “eagle’s nest” and scout the surrounding area before winter breaks in 🙂

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