Stubai Opening 6 – Day 1 Bad Weather is not so bad !

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Well it`s Tuesday here in Ljubljana and it`s gloomy. A few weeks have passed since the Stubai Opening and having had my hands full, I just managed to get the pics and some clips out on the unofficial blog, but could not find the time to write the story. Since the weather last Friday blew off any possibility of a decent first pow for the season, over the weekend in Tirol, I can finally look back and share our fun Stubai adventure. So tug yourself in a comfy seat and read all about it 😛

Rain or shine all is mine said Mr. Dewinter
Rain or shine all is mine said Mr. Dewinter

Well where to start. Just four days had passed since the last opening, and having to work full time over the week didn`t leave much time to chill and regenerate. Jernej from GrabIt drove in from Maribor, the boys Danilo and Jaka from AsFly would join too so we would head out on a grey Thursday evening directly to Innsbrucklyn. Last minute Slovenian logistics complications included as per usual :P.

Everyone was superpumed and motivated, after all for most it would be one of the first days of the season. We arrived in snowcity and as it is customary for any of your Innsbruck late evening arrivals, an hour later we were already dropping shots at THE HALTESTELLE. The result.. Mieke a friend of mine would be joining us on day 1.

At a certain point we were hungry ! The world is ment to have food cupons XD
At a certain point we were hungry ! The world is ment to have food cupons XD

So the morning came. Super motivated the guys where already buzzing about when I was still in a bit of a morning haze. The webcams were looking really bad but that would not deter us. Picked up our Belgian gal and arrived at the Stubai parking lot. It was raining… and I’m not talking a few drops…

Our Leki skipole fighters at work .. who do you think won :P
Our Leki skipole fighters at work .. who do you think won 😛

On top the situation wasn’t a lot better. A few days earlier we had gotten the word about immense lack of snow. That meant there would be just a jib park. Would it be enough to keep us satisfied ?

Jernej and myself headed out to the test tents and got ourselves a few pairs of LINE skis. As you all know by now LINE recently added Mr. Style himself Tom Wallisch to there riders roster. Sure that happend last weekend at the Stubai PRIME PARK sessions, but more on that in one of the upcoming posts next week. So we started off skating the ice on skis. Jernej and I tested two models:


“Sure the conditions were utter BS but I liked this ski. I`d compare it to my standard ride the Salomon Rocker 108. Maybe a bit more stable on the hardpack. Felt a little heavier. All in all good grip.. somewhat flappy at higher speed. Would have to test it in powder but generally a fun to ride no compromise ski. Also doesn`t suffer from the “overspecialize and you breath in weakens” simptome of some of the never ski developements. That is probably the reason why it is one of freeksiers editors picks for 2015.”


“Lines go to park ski. I tested the previous model in Kaunertal for the spring sessions. Liked the old one better. All in all for me this thing is to heavy for park and far to stiff compared to my current parkski a Stanston K7. On the other hand the stiffnes gives you more control so its probably better on kickers. Not my type of ski but my friend Gabi loves these babies and so does Jernej :P”

As the day was going bye and we were riding the jib park in the snow/rain it was soon time for me to pick up the other thing I do at these events and take a few nice snaps of the tricks for cash contest that was starting to heat up. Pictures turned out nice. And our friend Mieke also took a few nice once 😉 Hell there is even one of me jibing XD

 The guys at Stubai also made a cool recap edit so don`t forget to check it out bellow.

As for us after the contest we had to do a very “manly” thing. Eventually it seems after my visit to the Castore in the summer we have to show some skin when we are up so Mieke had the pleasure of taking this shot of us posing in the snowrain.. in the cold. Who has the best bod.. you decied XD..

The manly thing to do.. show some skin,coz cold does not touch us!
The manly thing to do.. show some skin,coz cold does not touch us!

Did we survive the mayhem that is the Stubai opening parties ? 
What happened on day two? Would there be sun? Would the Slovenians again dominate the contests like two years ago? All of this and more fun at the base station of the gondola in part two ! Dropping tomorrow ! 

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