Stubai Opening 6 – Day 2 Let the sunshine in!

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So to continue where we left of yesterday it was time to move ourselves back to Innsbruck… after some pizza we where ready to rock.

One of the most exciting parts of being in the city of snow is the nightlife scene. Anyone of you who has spent a night I Innsbruck knows what I’m talking about. There is a ton of cool places where you can hang out until the sun rises in the morning.

We started off very Russian..

As it so happens our party evening started with ambitious plans. A few drinks at home. Then take the free shuttle-bus to the venue at Neustift and have some fun with the super awesome Drunken Masters, my favorite party DJs. Unfortunately we didn`t quite make it that far. You see while we were “warming up” in Innsbruck a few more buddies from Bunterhund productions and joined up. Having a whole palette of Russian Bear Energy in my car we quickly started mixing a few additional drinks and before you know it we were at the Aftershave dancing the night away because we were just to late for the bus to Neustift 😛 Not to go into to much detail lets just say it was an awesome night to party in Innsbruck. At one point morning came.

I actually have an energy drink sponsor. Russian Bear energy :P
I actually have an energy drink sponsor. Russian Bear energy 😛

And we would be off quite early again. Unlike the the day before, on day two the sun would be out and even a few more Slovenian snowboard shred buddies from the YuGo collective, who had recently premiered there new flick HETEROTOPIA, would be there to kill at the DC JIB Battle contest.

Before you start riding its good to stretch… and have chocolate milk.. always drink chocolate milk!

First thing we did was check out the Brandsaloon again. We learned about the MOVEMBER charity, got ourselves a few SIONYX socks, played some Playstation and found a few cool beanies with headphones called beatpack.

Also unlike the previous day it was crowded. I was told by the organizers that 500 packages had been sold for the weekend. Well on day two all of them were there… and at least half would be shredding the cozy jibpark. The wibe was excellent and the flow was superfun so even my lazy non jibing self just wouldn’t stay idle. In short – I haven`t had so much fun in a Jib park for quite a while.

Then it was time for the DC Jib contest. As per usual I got out my camera and took a few nice snaps. The Slovenians also did quite well. Our buddy Žiga Rokavec managed to share second place with the German Christoph Schwarz. First place went to Raffael Kossmann also from Germany. In good spirit the dudes even split the winnings in equals I am told. Check out some of the pics:

But that would not be the last fun thing of the day. At the other side of the event, a little higher on the mountain our buddy Tobi from Bunterhund producitons had a interesting idea. You see, along he bought a speedglieder. After a quick shot planing discussion we came up with the idea for him to fly over the baordsaloon. Tobi tested the glider a bit and the lift would be tricky. It didn`t quite hold up to get him directly over the tents but it sure made for a cool spectacle and he even got a big cheer from all the folks chilling in front of the Eisgart.

As the day was drawing to a close and we headed to the parking lot something funny happend. You see last year we were spending some fun time at a snow iglu at Kühtai for a fun weekend at the end of the season. There we met Manu who I had not seen since. While some of us were it the park Jernej was social and meet a few of Manus friends.  What I did not know at the time was that Manu had broken his foot a week earlier windsurfing. Being the chill dude he is he showed up with crutches so we had to get another beer and stop the bus with a human chain so he could make it back to the apartment 😛 Also the party going down at the Apreski at the Valley station was getting a little bit out of hand. It`s good that we had our friends and helpers.. the Stubaital police there to make us blow.. into a pipe… in case we were drunk. Apparently we weren`t XD

A toast to a successful opening

As for our partying for that day.. after so much action and the insane night before we were pretty much toast. So after getting back to Innsbruck we quite literally passed out to conclude our adventure. Hope you had a few good laughs reading about it 🙂

We made a human chain to stop the bus so injured Manu could make it to the party in town!

Next up on the blog… a week later it was time to return to Hintertux for the Blacksheepsports powderski test. More on that next week ! We tested Black Crow, Surface, DPS and Maier skis !!!

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