ISPO 2012: Goggle gimmicks – Recon MOD Live

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The Recon MOD in a Zeal Frame

Another interesting gimmick that I found, and has been talked about quite a lot lately, are the MODLive HUDs by Recon instruments. It’s basically an inlay for your goggles, that gives you a readout of various data regarding your ride in a small LCD. The little machine is an android-based minicomputer, that keeps track of your current GPS position as well as your speed, heading, and velocity. It can also calculate your airtime, based on speed difference. That is a very nifty feature if you do a lot of airs.

The difference beetween the MOD and

The product has been on the market for well over a year now, but now is available from multiple partners and is compatible with different goggle frames. They also teamed up with contour, the camera producing competitor to go pro, and added support for the wireless version of the camera. Now you can get a live preview of what you are filming. Think of it as the a kind of rearview mirror.

Of course, this has drawbacks. You need one of the special goggles that are compatible with the system, need to charge more batteries, but if you always wanted a jetfighter like interface for your skiing experience, these things might be for you. 

I’m just sceptical about the practicality of dragging more equipment with me, regardless of its coolness factor. Quite frankly the most interesting feature is the GPS track function, and that on can be had on your smart phone for free. And there is also the matter of price. At 250-350€ these things cost quite much. Regardless of all that it`s nice to see that the company is actually giving us sci-fi like gear for this kind of price. How many science-fiction films have you seen were people had something like that, on some alien world, and help them survive. Maybe next time you take the cable car to the top. You can watch your favorite ski movie or just review if the shot that your buddy, who was following you with his contour cam shot, is the one, or if you have to do another run to get it right.

The Full PR setup 😛

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