Hoist the sails in rehab captain and make some music !

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Knots at Sea

Since rehab had been going well and my doctor and my physiotherapist say I`m recovering remarkably fast I started thinking that the whole ordeal might have just prevented me from going to B.C. My twin and our friend Dragan wen´t regardless and even thou they are not the powderhunters per say, upon there return one thing was certain. Vancouver and B.C. are a place to stay. So the bottom line is trip postponed. Canada is still the goal but I guess Ill have to wait for a few more months…

Our maity Pirate crew with Captian Andrew XD
Le olde Disel engine…

I did thou use my rehab time to take a few days off and get away from it all with a few friends. We went to Izola to pick up a sailing-yacht and bring it to Črvar. The sea was rough but it was remarkably warm. The wind conditions were excellent for the most part so we started pushing the envelope. The end result was that a torn mainsail. So we had to continue zigzagging with the foresail 😛 It was fun.

Romantic is it not !
The HMS Pinafor…

Giant swing in Harbor

Keeping us warm and Full… Hofer Chinese noodles ala Chef

But that wasn’t all rehab had to offer. Since I should not be riding snow yet.. even thou there are wast quantities in the Austrian alps remaining I turned to my inward geek and did a little upgrade on my video workstation. In short for just a few hundred bucks and a little bit of luck I managed to upgrade it so that It is a fully fledged recording-composing station two now. That includes everything from mic inputs to my guitar and a state of the art professorial MIDI controller. Hey I guess finally the 9 years of music school should start paying off. And I have had a few tunes buzzing in my head for a few years that need to be vocalized 🙂
An X-Fi Elite Pro –
5 ms ASIO like a Boss 
My M-Audio Axium Pro 61 … one man

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